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Welcome to Udolpho Press

We are an independent small press specializing in scholarly
quality PB editions of forgotten and marginalized 18th and 19th
century Gothic and Romantic literature.

In our Gothic Library series we reprint rare Gothic fiction from
c.1770 to the 1850s which was first published in Great Britain and Ireland.
Titles range from William Hutchinson’s The Hermitage (1772), the first
known Gothic novel after Walpole’s Castle of Otranto, to the neo-gothic
penny dreadfuls of the 1840s and 1850s.

American Gothic. In this exciting series we make available some
elusive and unjustly forgotten US Gothic novels in annotated scholarly
editions spanning a period from Brockden Brown to Hawthorne.

Finally, the German Schauerroman series comprises German Gothic
novels in their original language. Titles include all of the Schauerromane
which were translated into English as well as a wide range of novels by the
most prolific authors, such as Gleich, Spieß and Arnold, as well as highly
obscure gems only recently unearthed.

All of our editions will include a thoroughly researched introduction by some
of the most eminent experts of the Gothic and young aspiring scholars.



Who is Udolpho Press?

Udolpho Press is run by Norbert Besch, German college teacher of modern
languages and long-time Gothic aficionado and independent scholar of
European Gothic, particularly the English and German Gothic novel. Recently
I have also started doing research about Le Roman Gothique
Francais (French Gothic), and American Gothic.

But Udolpho Press is definitely not a one-man business. We are a team of
scholars with a passion for the Gothic, and all together we make this
business run in order to produce high-quality scholarly paperbacks of this
forgotten literature we all love so much. Thanks is due to the many editors from all
around the world who participate in this project.

I am grateful to my teaching colleague and friend, Kurt Frech, my web
editor and designer who has been working tirelessly and passionately with
me in order to construct and maintain this website.

I wish to express my gratitude to Kory Willis Lloyd, one of my editors
and cover designer, for all his magnanimous assistance.

I would also like to show my indebtedness to my textual resurrectionist,
Georges Dodds, who has OCRed and converted into a PDF format most
of the English language Gothic novels on our publication list, and whose
zeal and passion has proved an essential factor in this business.

Most of all, however, my deepest gratitude goes out to my family, my wonderful
wife Karin, and our two gorgeous little girls, Jana Sophie and Amélie. I am aware
that you have to bear with a Gothic maniac, and that this project would never
have been possible without your understanding and support. I love you!

Norbert Besch, proprietor
and general editor

Kurt Frech, our web

K. Willis Lloyd, our
cover designer

Georges T. Dodds,
our textual resurrectionist